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key bridge are on the group's list of bridges that need repair. before you get alarmed, the group says that a bridge isn't necessarily unsafe just because it's structurally deficient. it is opening day for the nats. the team will open its season this this afternoon against the braves if the the weather cooperates, the game will start at 1:00 at nats park. yesterday the team was out will on the field getting a light workout in the rain. there's a lot of know money item heading into the season the players we talked to say they are ready. >> opening day is exciting. a new year, new team, and it's fun to be a part of it. >> hopefully the weather stays decent. not exactly florida hot, but as long as it's not miserable, it will be fun to play. >> the game is a sellout, but 400 tickets will go on sale today for just $5 each, but you'll have to be at the main
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box office at 10 mu:30 to get those. metro will be running eight extra trains on the green line to accommodate fans. there will also be a special shuttle from mt. vernon square and navy yard stations. 28,000 folks are expected to take metro to and from the home opener. >> which puts a lot of pressure on tom kierein because everybody is wondering about the rain. >> i think they're going to get the game started. it starts at 1:05 and i think we might have a little drizzle. they can play in drizzle, they just can't play in a steady driving rain. however, toward the end of the game, we may have some rain moving in. but they actually should be able to get the game going, maybe even get in a complete game, might even be able to complete five or six innings. so that's good news. but then rain will likely move in later this afternoon and tonight. so right now, though, it's just drizzly and we have temperatures in the upper hirts in washington near the bay and southern
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maryland, but farther west and north, mid-30s. but it's all about freezing. drizzle falling and some freezing up a bit on elevated surfaces. but many locations are above freezing. it's just the higher elevations that could get some icing. 40 around the bbay. we'll have a secondary area of low pressure forming. light fog over the washington monument and patchy drizzle. we'll stay around 40 lieu mid-morning and mid-40s briefly upper 40s this afternoon. and then some of that said quer rain mo steadier rain moves in afternoon. could be tough out there today. wet roads. there had been an accident on the beltway exit ramp at arlington boulevard. looks like they've just left the speed. so be aware it could be slick
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out there this morning. let's head over in from the mort alo north along i-270, pretty quiet start. springfield quick check, any road work i 59 northbound at the beltway has been wrapped up and the travel lanes are open. i had to check my watch. i wasn't certain that it was morning, i thought maybe it was afternoon with you two here. good morning. >> like it to mix it up a bit. three men are behind bars this morning charged with killing a pizza delivery driver. paul bennett was working two jobs to help pay for his son's first birthday party. the men got away with only $13. chris gordon has the story. >> reporter: emanuel wright bennett chimed in to his other's arms. he won't get to celebrate his birthday with his father. on sunday night, paul ben threat
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washington killed making a domino's pizza delivery on seat pleasant drive. three suspects have been arrested, 22-year-old ricardo bar done, 23-year-old desmond garner, and 22-year-old greg starks iii. >> i'm so glad, i'm at peace now that they are caught and that justice is going to be served. >> reporter: the suspects are being charged with first-degree murder and robbery. they stole a pizza, chicken wings, and $13 in cash. two are being held in custody in prince george's county, one is in the district awaiting extradition. >> the investigators worked around the clock to identify leads and, therefore, we were able to identified barton, garner and starks and we searched for them and located them. >> reporter: paul bennett's mother plans on attending the trial of the lee men charged with killing her son. >> to look in their face and question them can you imagine
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you killed my son for $13. >> reporter: little emanuel's first birthday party will be held here at his grandmother's home on saturday afternoon. the quhwhole day will be for hi. but then they'll have to turn to the sad task of planning his father's funeral. >> i'll let him know that his father was a good man and he huffed him so much and he was excited to be the best father that he could be. >> reporter: chris gordon, news 4. 4:35. one city leader has a new plan to keep kids off the streets and in the classroom. a bill would crack down on true inside city in hopes of reducing youth violence. it would reduce the number of unexcused absenceses from school that a student can have before being referred to the court system. the bill was introduced on the one year anniversary of a mass shooting that left four evens dead and six injured. some of the accused gupg men were wards of the juvenile
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justice system. members of the community gathered last evening at the scene of that shooting to remember those lost and to pray for those still recovering from their wounds. gaithersburg can police chief has suspendeded two officers and fired another the for their involvement in what's being called serious but unrelated allegations of misconduct. the fired officer was terminateded in correspondence with the matter hand law enforcement bill of rights. he said the officers undermined the credibility of the police department and that there is a zero tolerance rule in effect. this morning the battle rages on in libya as does the debate about whether the u.s. should arm rebels. this morning the white house made a revelation that it providing a different kind of help on the ground. tracie pottss jo s joins us fro capitol hill to explain. >> reporter: the president has said no ground troops on the ground. we can do now understand that will this are cia operatives there. the "new york times" reporting
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and the associated press now backing up that small groups of covert operatives are believed to be on the ground from the cia. the cia as you imagine won't confirm this, but experts say they are probably there for one of two reasons or perhaps both, to gather information intelligence about moammar gadhafi's military to help the air assault effort, or to gather information about the rebels and who they are and who is backing them. the u.s. still trying to decide whether or not to arm those rebels. president obama says he hasn't ruled it out. but they need more information. they appear to be disorganized, disjointed, and part of the concern here on capitol hill is there may be elements of al qaeda or hezbollah backing these rebels. so it appears we have the cia on the ground to get more information on that. >> tracie potts live on the hill for us. thank you, tracy. and as gadhafi's forces push back the rebel, one of the spots
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supporters reclaimed was an oil port causing oil prices to go back up. with gadhafi forces in control of that oil port, crude exports have halted causing less oil to come out of the region. vice president biden is reporting good prg on talks to prevent a government shutdown. negotiate tore ors are reported working on a proposal. tea party activist s demanded even deeper cuts. it's well below the $60 billion in cuts the republican controlled house passed, but it does represent some movement by democrats. new from overnight, ten sailors aboard the john s.stenis are recovering from a fire. the jet was preparing for takeoff from the flight deck. none of the injuries is life threatening.
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4:38 is your time. ahead on "news 4 today," the sweeping changes proposed to discipline policies at the largest school district in virginia. also this morning, police say protection may in the have been the reason a local student took a loaded gun to school. and next a wet morning and opening day in jep blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack.
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. early on this thursday morning,
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last day of march, and it's feeling more like february. it's down into the 30s this morning throughout the entire region, although it is above freezing, that's the good new, but it is certainly chilly and damp. we have patchy fog and patchy drizzle around and as we've had an area of low pressure passing through us, there will be another one forming to our south bringing more rain hater today. right now we have fog, that's a live picture from our city camera, and also patchy drizzle around through mid-morning and around noontime. the nationals ought to get the game started. drizzle for the first part. and then rain moving in toward the end of the game. here's the night planner. does hook like a wet evening with showers likely. and in the low 40s new the evening and maybe even ending as wet snow tomorrow morning but temperatures above freezing. big changes for friday and the weekend, a look at that in ten minutes. could be a slip one in some locations because of the light rain, so be careful. beltway right side the inner
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loop, up at university boulevard. travel lanes open. there had been a tree down taking up a little bit of the ramp from route 29 southbound to the outer loop about silver springs. shouldn't be too much to worry about. earlier accident from the beltway to route 50, has been cleared. in maryland on the inner loop near the i-95 interchange, authorities headed over to check the report of an accident. could be a tough morning. we'll keep you updated. time is 4:43. still to come this morning, new rankings name the best hospitals in our region. we'll tell you which one topped the list. mus he >> plus new car problems with marian barry.
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here's a look at our top stories this morning. baseball season officially starstar starts today. the nationals will play the
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braves at 1:00. 400 extra tickets will go on sale at the main box office starting at 10:35. your commute could be about to get a whole lot longer if you take new york avenue in to the city. three lanes will be reduced to two between florida avenue and penn straet for renovations to the new york avenue bridge. closures will last for about two years and they should begin late next month. and moammar gadhafi supporters are pushing back rebel forces taking back a key oil port. reports are that gadhafi has made things difficult for nato forces, his army is now using jeeps that look exactly like the rebels jeeps, so bombers don't know who is friend and who is foe. reports of radiation 25 miles from the crippled nuclear plant. levels have grown to more than 4300 times the legal limit.
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across the ocean low levels of radiation turned up in a sample of milk in washington say the. t state. the pfda says there is no reaso to worry, though. today family and friends will say a final good-bye to geraldine ferraro in a private service in new york. she captured the national spotlight in 1984 when walter mondale chose her to be his running mate. ferraro died saturday after a long battle with bone marrow cancer. she was 75. p. this morning we're learning more about that frederick county maryland high school student who took a loaded gun to school on tuesday. authorities say that student might have been taking part in a gang initiation. the 15-year-old had reportedly said he took the weapon to school because he was worried about his safety and some parents were concerned that heed a been the victim of bullying, butt frederick county states attorney says he might have had
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some kind of gang affiliation. virginia's largest school district may change its disciplinary code. fairfax county public schools is struggling to figure out a balance between safety and fairness. that'sle following complaints from parents who say the current system is too harsh. jack dale is calling for ten changes to the zero tolerance policy. those changes include better explaining of rules to students and more academic support for students kicked out of school. dale also wants more flexibility for principals to discipline students on minor offenses and gets parents more importants. marion barry is being criticized for never registering his car. barry has been driving his silver jag for the last six months and recently got a boot placed on it for unpaid parking tickets and according to record, it was never registered with the dmv. the license takings on the car are apparently from his old car which has since been sold.
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barry told the "post" that the dealership misplaced the car's title and that when he finally gets it, he'll get it registered. 4:48 now. u.s. news and world report has released its list of the top hospitals in and around d.c. and washington hospital center comes in at number one. the hospital in northwest washington also ranks nationally in three adult specialties, 16th in diabetes, 19th in heart surgery and 0th in gynecology. georgetown university is at number three. washington aventis is fourth. the district is apparently winning the battle of the bulge. the cdc found the nation's capital and state of colorado have the hoest obesity rate of less than 20%. the study found all states are struggling with obesity at incredibly high rates and here is how the region comes out.
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the rate is 19.7. in virginia, it's 25. and maryland is at 26.2. there is a new push to make utility companies more accountable when the lights go out. the senate approved an amendment that would penalize utility companies with constant widespread outages in 2012. leaders also want to impose a $10,000 fine each day a company fails to meet reliability standards. the bill could be approved later will week. the push comes after pepco's long outages. john wall may be just a cookie, but that doesn't mean he's a pushover and he certainly showed that competitive fire against the miami heat. in the second quarter of last night's game, he gets tangled up, elbows apwords are exchanged and before you know it tempers are flying and flaring. flip saunders even in got into
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it. wall was ejected along with two heat players. as the vcu rams prepare if their final four game against the butler bulldogs, the two mayors have made a traditional wager with unique food. if the rams win, indiana governor mitch danielles will send roast duck from maple leaf farms. if the bulldogs prevail, virginia governor will send ham from wallace edwards and sons. eric cantor will be able to root for vcu in person as they will be at the game on saturday. i was down in richmond yesterday for the big send off before the governor met them at the airport and took pictures with them before they took off for houston and we fully expect them to come back victorious. >> you're in the taking sides here. >> you know i am. >> he's an alum. >> you've fully alienated every
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butler fan out there. got a little bit of drizzle and the big story is it's just damp and chilly. sort of a penetrating chill that we have in the air with us now along with patchy fog. it's only in the mid and upper 30s. thankfully not much wind. montgomery, arlington, also mid-30s. and it is above freezing all around the region even out of the mountains where they have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning. all these counties in color, western maryland, high hands of west virginia could get icing from the little bit of breezing drizzle especially on elevated surfaces, most of the lower lying areas are above freezing there. it's near 40. virginia tidewater. and overnight we've had the showers coming through, even a little bit of weather snow, but that's pulling off north and east. another area of low pressure forming just to our south. and that will be forming off the
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carolina coast later today giving us a chance for some rain. but as we look at our sky now, it's cloudy, we've got a little bit of light fog in water, patchy drizzle around. we'll be 40 by 9:00. and i do believe the nationals should get the game started and we'll probably have maybe patch he wi drizzle. may turn in to steady light rain by the end of the game and rain likely overnight tonight, light rain in the low 40s and actually this precipitation may end as a brief period of passing snow showers pre-dawn tomorrow morning and then we'll get a little sun back on friday, it looks like right now with a blustery northwest wind gusting to around 40 miles an hour during the day on friday. highs near 50. wind settles down on saturday, but still a bit blustery. might have a morning sprinkle, a little sun in the afternoon. and sunday may get up near 60 sunday afternoon and then a bit chillier with showers likely on monday and we could get our
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first round of severe spring weather on tuesday with highs around maybe 70 degrees. morning storms andle cooler after that. let's check traffic. on the wet pavement this morning, check southeast washington souza bridge doing okay. let's head south to the woodrow wilson bridge between alexandria moving along nicely. and 395, capital beltway, pretty smooth sailing, but you can see some road spray, so heads up for that. time is 4:54. beginning today, you can use your cell phone to pay for some parking in bethesda. later this morning, the announcement will be made. by summer the program will expand to include meters in silver spring, wheaton, montgomery hills and north bethesda for a total of about 11,000 parking meters.
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the district already has a pay by phone system in place. we are less than a month away now from the royal wedding and the sx x. assignment of course is everywhere. lego land has built a special exhibit honoring prince william and kate middleton, it's a miniature buckingham palace. take a look. this features a miniature bride and groom and royal family members. if you look closely, you'll even notice some special guests like paul mccartney and elton be sure to watch the live reports the entire week leading up to the wedding right here on news 4. the only things missing are lego paparazzi. >> need to get some of those. better believe they'll be out there in force. the time is 4:55. coming up, a special tribute to a man working in a war zone.
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arnold schwarzenegger will soon return to his acting career. he'll star in a new action comedy cartoon. called the governator. it will focus on a super hero living a double life as an ordinary family man. schwarzenegger will provide the voice of the title character. if the show is popular, it could
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branch out to comics and films, too. good luck with that. you've probably seen richard engel reporting from some of the most dangerous places on the planet. >> now richard is being honored for his courage and his hard work. >> we are honored tonight to present this year's award to nbc's news chief foreign correspondent richard engel. >> engel was the recipient of this year's david bloom award at the annual congressional correspondents dinner last night. the award is named for the nbc news correspondent who tied while reporting in iraq. engel couldn't accept it in person because he's busy in libya. the bureau chief accepted it on his behalf. definitely a deserved honor for him. we saw last week the

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